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Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil Uses Susan Foster

Coconut Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil Uses

Susan Foster

Kindle Edition
66 pages
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 About the Book 

Easy to read and understand, this book explores the unique properties of coconut oil and what it can do for our health, based on scientific facts and research. You’ll learn the following:How to use coconut oil for oral healthWhy it’s the best cooking oil compared to othersWhy coconut oil can be used as an energy shotHow it can reduce bad cholesterol and be heart healthyHow it battles bacteria, yeast, fungi and virusesHow coconut oil can help you maintain a healthy weightWhy it makes the best natural deodorantHow coconut oil gets turned into ketonesWhy coconut oil is the best dairy substituteHow to make a fantastic lotion out of virgin coconut oilWhy it makes a great face wash and helps fight acneHow it can help with thyroid regulationHow to used coconut oil for wound careHow coconut oil can help with baby careHow our pets can benefit from coconut oilUses for coconut oil for our skin and hairCoconut oil and early research for Alzheimer’sHow it can help with Type II diabetesWe explore coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory propertiesThe side effects of a diet high in coconut oilHow to find the best type of coconut oilAwesome recipes to add coconut oil to your dietPlus more!