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Cimarron Rose (Billy Bob Holland, #1) James Lee Burke

Cimarron Rose (Billy Bob Holland, #1)

James Lee Burke

ISBN : 9780963192592
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 About the Book 

Texas attorney and former Texas Ranger Billy Bob Holland has many secrets. Among them is Vernon Smothers son, Lucas, a now-teenaged boy about whom few know the truth -- Lucas is really Billy Bobs illegitimate son. When Lucas is arrested for murder, Billy Bob must confront the past and serve as the boys criminal attorney.Billy Bob knows the propensity of the town, Deaf Smith, Texas, to make scapegoats out of the innocent and to exploit and sexually use the powerless. During Lucass trial, Billy Bob realizes that he will have to bring injury upon Lucas as well as himself in order to save his son. As a result, Billy Bob incurs enemies that are far more dangerous than any he faced as a Texas Ranger.With the same electric language and hard-edged style that brought James Lee Burkes Dave Robicheaux novels to the forefront of American crime fiction, Cimarron Rose explodes with a new, evocative setting that will establish Billy Bob Holland as James Lee Burkes next great character.