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My Real Mother John M M Shepperd

My Real Mother

John M M Shepperd

Kindle Edition
24 pages
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 About the Book 

I was hiding in the closet from the other mother and could see her walking around screaming my name with a knife in her hand. I changed hiding places several times, good thing too she checked the closet twice. Would she have actually killed me if she found me I don’t know, but at the time I knew she would. The ironclad unequivocal certainty that every child of that age possesses. She did not find me that time and fortunately that was the only time I remember her pursuing me with a knife. I do remember many other times seeing her hunt me down with a rage engorged face. Many of those times she did catch me. I was beaten with whatever was handy and if no stick, toy or other hard object it was her hand.