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Variations I Ludwig van Beethoven

Variations I

Ludwig van Beethoven

Published February 28th 1998
ISBN : 9789638303523
120 pages
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 About the Book 

Beethovens independent sets of variations for the piano are here published in three Urtext volumes, arranged in chronological order. This first volume contains works dating from the period up to 1796, including works without opus numbers 63-71. All sets of variations which are authentic, complete, and written for the piano are included. The musical text presented here stands as close as possible to what Beethoven wrote down, and contains only additions which were held to be desirable and necessary by the musical and publishing practice of the time. Editorial additions are kept to a minimum and appear in square brackets or are explained in the Notes. No suggestions have been made regarding the manner of performance, the execution of ornaments, or the pedaling and fingering, although Beethovens original pedaling and fingering are included unchanged.