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Dante All My Thoughts Speak of Love Nicola Bianchini

Dante All My Thoughts Speak of Love

Nicola Bianchini

Published March 2003
111 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Bianchini threads Dantes love of Beatrice, his love of studying religion, science, philosophy and his involvement in the politics of 13th Century Florence into the writing of his poetry and masterpieces.The first time I read it, several years ago, I didnt know enough about the history of Italy of the 13/14th Centuries.Now I do...all the conflicting political/warring parties: the Pope- the French- all of the Italian Kingdom- Austria- and layered over this were the Guephs (nobility, the whites) and the Ghibellines (commoners, blacks).The ever shifting alliances, depending on who could/would give support for financial and land-holding gain, between all of these elements is mind boggling.Dante weaves these elements into his works, thus giving a first hand account of the history as it unfolded. He was exiled politically and physically from his home Kingdom of Florence and this gave him an advantage of seeing all the players as they really were...in his evaluation, they were less than good, moral, ethical leaders.Bianchini deftly shows these stories and machinations within the poetry.